Cleveland has had exciting successes to celebrate lately — from downtown development to sports championships, but some of the best successes are less splashy yet crucial to a strong community. These winners are children falling in love with reading, jobseekers using the internet to find work, and budding entrepreneurs, leaders, and DIY technology “makers” doing research to hatch big plans.

African American sisters laying next to each other on the playroom floor in the library reading a book together. Preschool age little girl laying next to her elementary age sister who is reading a book to her in a playroom at the local library.

When you support the Friends of the Cleveland Public Library, you invest in Cleveland’s success through these patrons. That investment pays off in multiple ways.

  1. You prepare children for school success.
    You help little ones in daycare centers, WIC programs and pediatric offices get ready for kindergarten. You keep kids reading over the summer so they’re on track for school in the fall. You support children and teens writing authors about how a work has changed their life.
  2. You make a culturally rich city even richer.
    You make possible programs as diverse as an exhibition of Shakespeare’s First Folio of plays from 1623 and a seminar on comic book heroine Wonder Woman. You fund programs in the branches, including hiring local artists and instructors for arts, music and dance programs.
  3. You provide access to crucial information, technology and services.
    You help provide free legal services for low income patrons through the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. You give children the chance to experience technology hands-on through events like the Mini-Maker Faire where kids use 3-D printers and fly drones.

Please join us as a supporter.  Your contribution will help the library continue to provide a rich learning environment and a place for civil discourse, accessible to everyone in the community.